Cerebrum Virtual:

Worldwide Businesses in a New Format

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What is Cerebrum ?

Cerebrum is where entrepreneurs or enterprises create or recreate their businesses in a new digital format despite of their location and size.
It is a platform that gives an opportunity to manage a business directly from a three-dimensional space and provides all the necessary tools and features to expand a digital presence and provide all inclusive, gamified ecperience to a new generation customers or consumers. 
Here you can buy virtual spaces, showcase and sell products and services, organize concerts, exhibitions, virtual museums, travel tours, and many more.

What can you do here?

Gamification is genuinely considered as a next development of social media and digital marketing.

Purchase a space

The same transactions can be made with virtual spaces, as with physical ones – they can be renovated, sold (as well as back to the Cerebrum platform), or leased.

Organize events

The Cerebrum is an ideal space for organizing and participating a concert or a conference. Virtual events can be held from wherever you want.

Open a virtual store

A virtual store will give you the chance to showcase your products/services almost tangibly for consumers – in 3D format, making your product more visible to customers worldwide.

Create support centers

Direct your customers to your virtual support centers to get a consultation, thus easing the flow and tension of your physical centers.

Get the max of what technology offers today!

A ready-made platform for businesses or White Label

Acquire the White Label solution of Cerebrum!

construct and sell spaces in the cities you prefer, change the platform's branding, and conduct your business from wherever you are.

The platform can be changed and used at your convenience. Cerebrum’s White Label solution will help you reduce costs and save time on developing your solutions.

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Loyalty and Advancement of Cerebrum Virtual

Cerebrum Virtual will continuously

30.000.000 FTN

Substantial amount that will be rolled out!

The project has allocated 30 million FTNs for project expansion, namely

• Offer the benefits of cash-back system for partners and their users.

30.000.000 FTN

Loyalty and Advancement of Cerebrum Virtual

Substantial amount that will be rolled out!

The project has allocated 30 million FTNs for project expansion, namely

City construction and community development

The organization and sponsorship of virtual events

The realization of huge media campaigns

Constant customer flow to the platform

Influencer marketing and brands collaboration

Loyalty and Advancement of Cerebrum Virtual

Substantial amount what will be rolled out!


are allocated for:

Organization and sponsorship of virtual events Cashback system


The amount you spent on the space purchase will be staked on Lolik.

Flexible Asset Transaction System

Virtual real estate can be returned to the Cerebrumproject at cadastral prices at any time.

LIVE Project - 
Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan

New Customer Journey

We offer an opportunity to create new and innovative products and services, develop virtual games, experiences, or educational content.

Reduced Costs

Virtual spaces; offices, retail stores and other are less expensive than traditional physical spaces.

Improved Customer Service

AI integrated virtual customer support centers where customers can get help with their questions 24/7 with no staff.

Competitive Advantage

By adopting gamification, businesses gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Download The App

Cerebrum Virtual is web-based application on the PC. For the access on the mobile you need to download the Fastexverse App

Collaboration With 3D Artists

If you are an experienced 3D artist we invite you to collaborate with Fastexverse
Participate in international tenders
Or submit your works for sale directly on our platform

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